Sunday, October 12, 2008

Get Address ( URL ) Image with Flickr Service

This tutorial introduce how to get an URL image for blogging using flickr service. In order to use filckr service we must already have Yahoo Account. If you don't have any yahoo account, I suggest u to sign up first at

In this tutorial u will learn how to :

  1. Creating Account at Flickr

  2. Upload image to Flickr

  3. Get Url an Image From Flickr

1. Creating Account at Flickr

  • Go to this address

  • Click "Create your account" button

  • Use your yahoo ID

  • Fill up your flickr screen name and then Click "Create new account" button


  • First step finish

2. Upload Image to Flickr

  • Prepare an image that u want to upload

  • Click "Upload your first photo (or video)" link


  • Click "choose photos" link


  • Click "add more" link if u want upload more than one image/photo, set privacy to public, and than click "Upload Photos" button to start uploading


  • wait the process until finished

  • Step 2 Finish

3. Get URL an Image from Flickr

  • Select an image from your photostream

  • Click "All Size" button upper your image


  • After u click "All Size" button, the URL will shown immediately


  • Copy that URL at Notepad or where ever u like

  • Step 3 Finish

Good luck to everyblogger, see u @ next post

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