Sunday, October 12, 2008

Get Address ( URL ) Image with Picasa Service

This tutorial introduce how to get image URL using service of Picasa.
In this tutorial you wil learn how to :

  1. Sign In to picasa

  2. Upload Image to Picasa

  3. Get Image URL

1. Sign in to Picasa

2. Upload Image to Picasa

  • Prepare image that want to upload

  • Click Upload Button at Picasa toolbar


  • Create new album for yours photos


  • After u finished create an album, and then select it (click "Select Album" Button)

  • Browse your images or photos and then click "Start Upload" Button.( u can upload more than one photo at one upload processing time)


  • Wait the process finished

3. Get Image URL

  • select an image, right click picture and then choose "copy image location"


  • Open Notepad, paste it

  • The End

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